Introductory Call - 15 minutes

Schedule a 15-30 minute discovery OR strategy call with Dan and The Wealthy Retailer®.

Duration: 30 minutes

Retail Coaching

This is a two-way question and answer session where we will discover facts & figures about your business to assist in the alignment of needed action steps in a specific area of your retail business.

Duration: 1 hour

The Wealthy Retailer® Podcast

Welcome to the Wealthy Retailer® Podcast. All slots are booked for 1 hr and recorded. The podcast will be 20-40 minutes in length. Please select any available opening that works for your schedule. Looking forward to chatting!!

Duration: 1 hour

Retail ORBIT® Demonstration

Built by retailers, for retailers Retail ORBIT®
harnesses the predictive power of 30 years’ worth of real store data. But big data is only useful when you know the right questions to ask, how to ask them, and what to do with the answers.

Three decades of proven retail experience have taught us the right questions to ask. Our seasoned developers know how to ask them. Retail ORBIT® puts the answers into your hands, and retail experts help you use them to reach new levels of success.

See what our technology can do for your business.

Duration: 1 hour

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